Hung Shing Temple, Wanchai

Tel: 2527 0804
Address: 129 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong
Service Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Service Type: Traditional Services - Temple
District: Wan Chai


According to the study, the Hung Shing Temple should be built between 1847-1852. The study also pointed out there was an altar built behind the temple between 1847-1848. Hung Shing Temple was under the management of Tung Wah before 1930. In 1971, the Chinese Temples Committee delegated the management to Tung Wah. Hung Shing Temple was graded as Grand One Historical Building by the Antiquities Advisory Board.


We aim to provide traditional places for the public to worship temple gods, goddesses and the deified heroes.


Various historical and cultural items are kept in the temple, such as Umpan、Stone tools、Lu Ban Statue. Coil Incense for blessing is offered for worshippers.

Service Recipients

General public and Worshippers