Hung Shing 

Born Hung Hei (Hong Xi), Hung Shing (Hong Sheng) was a government official in Kwong Li (Guangli) in the Tang dynasty. Knowledgeable in astrology and geography, he helped fishermen predict the weather and return home safely from their fishing trips. Therefore, fishermen began to worship him as the “God of the South Sea”, praying to him for good weather and abundant catch. In the 14th year of Kaihuang of the Sui Dynasty (594), Emperor Wen issued an imperial order for offering sacrifices to the four seas, and temples revering the God of the South Sea were built. During the reign of Tianbao of the Tang Dynasty (751), Emperor Xuanzong bestowed the title of the “King of Kwong Li”, which also symbolises wealth, upon Hung Shing posthumously. In the 2nd year of the Kangding reign of the Song Dynasty (1041), Emperor Renzong bestowed the title “Nam Hoi Hung Shing Kwong Li Wong (King Hung Shing of Kwong Li of the South Sea)”. 


Safe voyage; abundant catch


Birthday of Hung Shing: 13th day of 2nd lunar month


Hung Shing Temple, Wanchai, Hung Shing Temple, Fuk Tsun Street