Pau Kung

Pau Kung (Bao Gong) (999-1062), born Bao Zheng (style name Xiren) in Hefei, Luzhou (present-day Hefei City, Anhui Province), was a prominent government official in the Northern Song Dynasty. He was incorruptible, fair, unbiased and undaunted. Having solved numerous cases of injustice, he was hailed as Justice Pau. 


According to legend, Pau Kung became the yanluo (king of hell) responsible for the first court in hell after his passing. However, as he released the souls of all wrongfully killed people back to the earthly world, order in the ten courts was disrupted and he was demoted by the Jade Emperor to the fifth court.  


Rewarding good deeds and punishing bad deeds


Birthday of Pau Kung (6th day of 6th lunar month) 


Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan; Hung Shing Temple, Wan Chai;Tin Hau Temple, Yaumatei;Shui Yuet Kung, Shan Tung Street