Thermo Cup

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Compact and concise design make it comfortable to carry and keep beverages hot for hours. Stainless steel strainer filters the tea leaves for perfect tea enjoyment.

- Must be cleared the cup body with water before and after using 
- Don't clear the body with strong corrosive chemical solution or brillo pad
- Don't be overfilled with boiling water
- Please keep it away from children to avoid scalding
- Don't be heated on microwave oven
- Don't be washed by dishwasher 

Size: 7cm (D) x 20cm (H)

Inside: Stainless steel 
Outside: Bamboo
Produced by: Tung Wah Museum

*Any color and size difference varies from the product photo. The standard object is displayed on the TWGHs temple.

*All profits generated from the sales will be allocated to TWGHs services for charities.

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