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Chinese Traditional Flower Plaques Set

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“Fapaai” (Flower plaque) originated in 20s and 30s of last century, which is almost 100 years until now. It is a Hong Kong unique culture which is representing festivity for the public. Fapaai
is assembled by different parts and components, which also reflects the flexibility of Hong Kong people. By converting the giant Fapaai into small souvenirs, it could be easier to share the joy to every household as well as promoting this Hong Kong intangible cultural heritage to everyone. 

The components of the traditional Chinese “Fapaai” set (Total: 4 pieces):
1. Fenghuang “Fapaai” x 1
2. Square Plaque x 1 (Choose one of two)
Peaceful World (Fung Tiu Yu Shun) / Blessings from God (San Yan Bei Yau)
3. 3 -foot-long Plaque x 2 (Choose two of seven)
Great Development (Daai Jin Hung Tou) / Happy Birthday (Wing Sau Ji Hei) / Stay In Love Forever (Baak Min Hou Hap) / Full of Joy (Mun Tong Hei Hing) / Prosperous Business (Saang Yi Hing Lung) / The optional style (Circle) / The optional style (Rhombus)
Produced by: Wing Kei Flower Store

*Any color and size difference varies from the product photo. The standard object is displayed on the TWGHs temple.

*All profits generated from the sales will be allocated to TWGHs services for charities.

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