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”Merry-Go-Round” Limited Edition DVD

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In the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards, “Merry-Go-Round” is honored with “Best Cinematography” award and nominated by “Best Original Film Song”. From the late of 19th century to mid-20th Century, Tung Wah Coffin Home, the story’s background, keeps up the loving “Tung Wah spirit” as it provides bone repatriation services to numerous oversea Chinese community. In the movie, the several main characters expresses their emotions related to their family love, friendship and affection with regret and disappointment. Inspiring the young audiences to recognize their hometown, love themselves, care others and face the difficulty with a positive mindset, they rethink the contradiction and harmony between two generations from the story.

From the Film Critics China, “Merry-Go-Round” is honored with “Best 10 Chinese Films” in 2010 and granted the high reviews by the film critics from Mainland China, Tai Wan and Hong Kong. 

Film producer、Screenwriter: Yan Yan Mak
Director: Cheng Sze Kit
Actors: Miu Ho Sau、Teddy Robin、Koon Yun Na、Chou Tsun Wai、Siu Yam Yam、Lau Ho Lung、Ho Wan See
Presented by: Tung Wah Museum

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