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Man Mo Temple T-shirt-Black

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The word of “Shen Wei Pu You” is golden and sparkling matched with the back T-shirt, to stands out the spirit of “Protection for all by the power of God”. The “Shen Wei Pu You” plaque was bestowed upon Tung Wah by Qing Emperor Guangxi in 1879 for appreciation to the donation in response to the severe drought crisis in China from 1876 to 1878, is hanging on door entrance of Man Mo Temple. 
Pattern: The “Shen Wei Pu You” plaque
Materials: Dry fit materials


大 (L) 长L 26” 阔W 19”
加大 (XL) 长L 26” 阔W 20”
加加大 (XXL) 長L 27” 阔W 21”
68cm 70cm 72cm
Half Chest Width
51cm 53cm 55cm
Shoulder Width
45cm 47cm 49cm

- The T-shirt is for man and woman, the size chart is listed for reference.
- The clothes would be shrunk to 1 or 2 cm after washing.
- The T-shirts can’t be dry-cleaning by high temperature.

*Any color and size difference varies from the product photo. The standard object is displayed on the TWGHs temple.

*All profits generated from the sales will be allocated to TWGHs services for charities.

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