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Well-wishing Plate

Product Code: A00008

即場購買 隨緣樂助

The Well-wishing Plate allows worshippers to write down the pledge and hang inside the temple which meaning to pray for the blessing from temple gods. Most of the Well-wishing Plate will hang under the trees or rocks, because people believe these natural and ancient items are suitable for doing worship.
Period: Start from the registered date to the end of the Lunar month 
Blessing site: 90mm (L) X 70mm (W)

*This product is not offered on online shop, please purchase in Hung Shing Temple at Fuk Tsun Street on-site.

*Any color and size difference varies from the product photo. The standard object is displayed on the TWGHs temple.

*All profits generated from the sales will be allocated to TWGHs services for charities.

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