Shea Kung

Shea Kung (Shegong), also known as Sheshen, Bogong or Fude Zhengshen, is a god of the earth overseeing civil matters. Despite his low ranking among the deities, he is the closest to the people. In ancient times, people were grateful to the earth for the harvest it gave them, and worshipped the earth as a deity, praying for wealth, prosperity, safety and abundant harvest. The earth god is also known as Fude Zhengshen, a deity who is blessed, virtuous and unbiased. The earth god worshipped by the imperial court was known as Shiji Shen, and a shetan (alter for the earth god) was built to protect the empire. 


Seeking wealth


Birthday of Shea Wong: 2nd day of 8th lunar month


Shea Tan, Yaumatei;Kwun Yum Temple, Tsz Wan Shan