Shing Wong

Shing Wong (Chenghuang) is the protector god of a city. The first word in the name means the walls of the city, whereas the second word refers to the moat. In the Three Kingdoms Period, people worshipped Shing Wong in return for protection of their city. In the Tang and Song Dynasties, Shing Wong began to take on multiple functions: people prayed to him for good weather and blessings, as well as protection from ghosts and evil, and Shing Wong became a widely worship deity. In the Ming dynasty, Shing Wong’s significance increased further. Ming Emperor Taizu Zhu Yuanzhang implemented the Shing Wong (City God) System following the empire’s bureaucracy: city gods of different rankings appointed by the emperor oversaw matters in the underworld, monitoring good deeds and bad deeds, and expelling ghosts and evil. Today, Shing Wong is a good extolling and evil punishing deity in charge of the earthly world and the underworld.


Rewarding good deeds and punishing bad deeds


Shing Wong Festival (11th day of 5th lunar month, 24th day of 7th lunar month)


Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan; Shing Wong Temple, Yaumatei