Man Cheong

Man Cheong (also known as Man Tai (Wendi), the God of Literature), was born in AD 287 during the Jin Dynasty. He is said to be a government official overseeing education and the promotion of government officials. In the Yuan Dynasty, an emperor bestowed the title “Man Tai” upon him posthumously. He is depicted holding a large writing brush, which symbolises his control over academic achievements and the career of government officials. Today, many believers, students in particular, visit the temple to touch Man Tai’s writing brush, praying for good academic results. Every year, Man Mo Temple organises the Man Cheong Enlightenment Rites. Sacrifices are offered to Man Tai while rituals are performed to give believers smooth careers and outstanding academic achievements. 


Seeking outstanding academic results


Man Cheong Festival: 3rd day of 2nd lunar month


Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan