Kwan Tai

Kwan Yu (Guan Yu, Guan Yunchang) was hailed as Kwan Kung (Guangong). He was born in AD 160 during the Three Kingdoms Period. Due to his bravery and fighting skills, he became a symbol for loyalty and integrity. In the Ming Dynasty, an emperor bestowed the title “Mo Tai (Wudi; Martial God)” upon him posthumously and praised him as “the God of War Manifesting Benevolence, Bravery and Prestige; Protector of the Country and Defender of the People; Proud and Honest Supporter of Peace and Reconciliation; Promoter of Morality, Loyalty and Righteousness”. He is depicted holding a precious sabre, which symbolises his exceptional martial skills. In today’s Chinese society, loyalty and integrity are still highly valued in friendships or commercial activities.


Loyalty, integrity, benevolence and bravery; prosperous business


Kwan Tai Festival: 24th day of 6th lunar month


Man Mo Temple, Sheung Wan