TWGHs Man Mo Lounge

Tel:2614 8744
Fax:2803 0811
Address:5 Square Street, Sheung Wan
Service Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Service Type:Traditional Services - Temple
District:Central & Western


Man Mo Lounge had commenced operation since December 2019.


Tung Wah aims to provide quality traditional services to meet the aspirations of worshippers, Man Mo Lounge is set up to further promote ritualistic services by providing community activities in addition to tradition temple and sacrificial services.


At weekends and during traditional holidays, the Lounge will be used as a venue for workshops and interest classes related to Chinese traditional culture or craft. In the other timeslots, the Lounge will be used as a small community club for registered members of temple and ritualistic services. Voluntary guides will be trained in the Lounge to hold local tour for enhancing the connection among the community.

Service Recipients

General public, Worshippers and our registered members.